Pay attention closely, watching this video will help you realize that you personally have the ability to transform and acquire skill sets at any moment you choose

Brian Cain’s 90 day video challenge begins

(You are going to see major improvements 90 days from now)

My friend,


That all changes in your life come as a results of a decision

(and pure action)

This is actually my second 90 day challenge that I have ever done. The first time that I ever did a 90 day challenge was a blogging challenge (you may find the link to that challenge by clicking here). You may notice in this video alone, how good I am at communicating.

I got good at communicating initially by reading daily and listening to audio daily.

The cool part about marketing, is that you have the ability to gain lucrative skillsets easily just from the results of a decision. It’s not the same as becoming a doctor. If you try to “study, do, and teach – simultaneously” as a doctor, you will endanger lives. However, if you use the “study, do, and teach – simultaneously” method as a marketer, you change lives for the better.

During this 90 day blogging challenge, I will not only improve my personal skillsets drastically, but I will help give you a perspective on how you can improve yours.

I’m just a 21 year old kid at the time of writing this blog post.

You probably have way more skills than I have in many areas.

(so what is stopping you from deciding to live life on your own terms?)

As a 21 year old kid, I have struggled with school and being able to make money at normal jobs. I’ve suffered from barely being able to pay the bills, and my family was even homeless hopping from motel to motel a few years back.

Now I have successfully been full time from home for over a year now, and will never have to look back in the other direction.

I want to help you.

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Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

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