I’m pretty excited over the fact I’ve created my 300th blog post!

As you might see from my blog history, I like to blog and leverage this daily habit as my core traffic strategy. Staying consistent and blogging daily is easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do. Today, I want to share with you some of my history and why I’ve decided to move all of my content over to my new Kalatu Blog.

My New Kalatu Blog and my 300th Post



If you have been following me for any length of time, you’ll know that I am pretty consistent with my message to the marketplace. I practice and teach others how to make money by blogging daily.

Here’s the vision… most people get up and go to work everyday like clockwork looking for an early retirement plan. When people hear about the term “passive income” where they discover how to make money without being physically present, they jump in to the entrepreneur world looking for ways to sell products and acquire customers in a way where they can continue to get paid over and over again.

The reality is that with almost every product or service, people will predictably find new services or change the frequency in which they use a product or service. This means passive income exists – but only for certain periods of time.

If you want a true passive income, you’ll need a way to keep front end sales for your products and services coming in on a daily (or frequent) basis, in a way that you are detached from the whole process.

That is where blogging comes into play, and you’ll see why with my Kalatu blog.

I posted 300 blog posts in a day with Kalatu

300th Kalatu Blog Post in a day!

300th Kalatu Blog Post in a day!

(This screenshot of 299 was right before I uploaded the 300th post.)

I’ll explain how this all ties together in just a second.

Now over the past few years, I’ve had spurts of where I would blog consistently then move onto a different strategy. Since I’m in the Make Money niche, I would go on to get kicked off by obnoxious spamming flaggers, steep terms and conditions, and other market changes.

So even though I would go on to create short term success on 3rd party platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Craigslist, Slideshare, and some other similar sites, I would also get my advertising accounts banned from those platforms too.

It was at this point I was done, and saw blogging was the only strategy that has stood the test of time for the past 20 years and still works to this day. So I began posting daily on my personally hosted blog with the idea that I would reap the benefits of passive traffic converting into passive sales without me being around.

With little SEO background… I fought an uphill battle only getting about 100 unique visitors a day after a few years.

This was very shocking to me.

Leveraging an Authority Blog Like Kalatu

Brian Cain Kalatu Blog

Brian Cain Kalatu Blog

This is what I discovered…

You NEED an AUTHORITY BLOG like “Kalatu” if you plan on ranking in the search engines without being an SEO guru. There are many pretty blogs out there on the internet, but you can almost always hear the crickets chirping because they aren’t getting any traffic.

Most people aren’t qualified as SEO experts to build their own authority, so it’s best to cipher the authority from a done-for-you system that allows you to show up, do the work, and reap the benefits forever. For me, this was the difference of getting only 100 unique visitors a day with my 300 blog posts versus being able to start completely dominating traffic in the blogging space.

Here’s a quick tip – if you are wondering how you should structure your blog, stop thinking about it and just get the ship moving. There are people out there like myself who can help steer you in the right direction once you are in motion. Take as much action as you can to reach your 300th post leveraging an authority blog like the Kalatu platform.

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