As I am in the process of typing up this new blog post right now, I am so excited by the fact we as leaders are coming back to the forefront of the organization to help people like you live your dreams now instead of later. It’s your time my friend, and by the end of this post, you’ll discover how to become unified with our vision and live your dreams now!

Your Leadership is UNIFIED for your dreams!

(Watch this hangout to discover how we want to help you)

Now just so we are clear, there are no guarantees of income. In fact, you can see our average earnings disclosure by clicking this link right now. However, we will guarantee that the longer you stick around our community and dive into our training will help increase your personal skill sets and market value… which usually translates into a personal increase in income.

My Personal Commitment to your dreams!

Here’s where I personally stand…

Personally, I ain’t ever giving up on your dreams.

At the time of this blog post, I spent the past couple months working on my own mindset, getting bigger goals, and a bigger vision for you. I realize that all of the success that I have had in my own business and my own personal life isn’t anything compared to what I’m going to help create for you in the NEXT few months alone.

Over the past 2 years,

I have had my flag planted with one community that I believe in.

As long as this community exists, I will be here.

The really cool part is that as I look in my back office, and see my income as it’s closely approaching my first $100,000 in commissions earned online ever…

I have about 2-3 of my personal team members who have earned more than me.



Empower Network Millionaire Ring

Starting from scratch mentally, I am going to earn this million dollars in commissions earned ring in less than 18 months…

(note: I’ll probably do it a whole lot faster)

…but I’m excited because you can make as much as me or more!

I see a day where we have 20-100 of our DREAM TEAM members standing on a stage as we put our hands in the air all lifting up our million dollar rings that we have worked our butt’s off for to earn in months and years, not decades like other ‘never’ plans.


…because it’s Your Time….

Here’s what you want to do, click this link right now….

Watch the video, and just get in.

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