If I was “new” and wanted to create income online…
There is ONLY one way that I would start over from scratch in order to gain traction online – esp if I had no credibility, sales experience, tech skills, or past internet marketing experience.
This could be a breakthrough, pay attention.
First and foremost… this realization has come from learning what it really takes earn significant money online on an ongoing basis.
- motivated buyers
either “ongoing” clients or massive new customers all the time.
- rapport, credibility, and trust
better summed up as “great” marketing because people don’t necessarily have to like YOU in order to buy from you. They will buy if they believe you can help bridge the gap, or assist in producing the direct result that they are looking for.
- a steady flow of new traffic
setting a steady pace for acquiring new customers/clients is the lifeblood to your income. Without this, most people will have their income slowly slip away to their competition.
- solid product(s) or service(s)
Your reputation should be guarded with your life, as the long term value of your continued recommendations will be weighted with the QUALITY you are known to provide. You can make money off “cheap” products, but you will then have a “cheap” reputation. Or you can choose to market “premium” products and have a “premium” reputation.
- a sales system or proven sales process
Steady income is reliant on a consistently proven to work process similar to that of a well run franchise. You should have a solid process down well enough to be able to outsource specific activities or change out parts to improve results.
- a community and list of people who trust you
It’s cool to run around like a chicken with its head cut off constantly acquiring new potential leads or spending large sums of money on advertising – but it’s even cooler to have a “responsive” list of people who trust your recommendation that you don’t have to continue to spend time or money acquiring. The big money is made right here in this well groomed list.
- The “It” factor
Also known as the “bad mother trucker” factor. You’ve got to be the personality/brand/entity that stands out in a way that is entertaining, inspirational, and simply produces results in whatever area you are known for. The more specific you can be, the better.
- A Target Audience
If you market to everyone, you will market to no one. The more you can speak the language of your audience. You will hit more responsive pain points, and they will resonate more with your solutions that you provide. the fortune is in the niches.
that’s just about it…
The answer = a membership site
In the past, it wasn’t this simple… it was a painful process for many reasons and was not even close to being on the radar as newbie friendly.
It was too complicated. most people wouldn’t know where to begin with their training. They wouldn’t know how to get traffic. They wouldn’t know how to sell affiliate products. Etc.
so… this privilege is usually left for the few guru’s who know what they are doing, or have the capital and drive to break their heads through the brick walls – because it wasn’t ever.
it turns out instead of pushing for starting a membership site, most new people join an affiliate program that everyone else is selling, without a brand, without additional value…
…then get stuck in a vicious cycle of giving everything away for free…
can you relate?
LUCKILY IT’S NOW THE 2015’s and almost 2016’s!!!
One of my good friends, business partner, and mentor had his development team finally create something for the average person who is “new” so all they have to do is — get started.
If I was new, I would leverage a membership site for the reasons above, and more specifically, here would be my approach:
-I would seek out a “passion” that I have and enjoy, and I would figure out how I could teach within that passion to people who are just as passionate, yet inexperienced in the same arena.
I would put together a membership site creating a community of people where I would teach in short 2-3 minute video modules how to become more advanced with the “passion”
In the same 2-3 minute video modules, I would link out to affiliate offers to tools that are needed… popular t-shirts… or gear… or various affiliate programs that are in alignment with the lesson or module.
I would then create hundreds of video modules like this leveraging transcripts so that they could be SEO optimized and so that I would dominate my niche “passion” completely.
I might conduct interviews, etc. to become the expert.
THEN… I would come up with a marketing plan to find out where the passionate audience is hanging out at, and how to best communicate that they WANT to be a member of the membership site.
Over time as “repeat” affiliate commissions are steadily flowing in, I would continually provide new value gearing up enough credibility to bridge the gap into another niche if possible to create another stream.
I would then create another membership site as a full premium product to sell on a platform such as JVzoo acquiring affiliates to help promote the products creating “leverage” and bigger paydays.
There is a system and a process in which I can teach you how to get started and dominate your earning potential as a complete newbie if you are willing to trust me and take action today.
I have put together an offer on a product that is currently in launch phase.
This product is currently going for $497 as Lifetime membership which is a STEAL because it is in beta right now and will be released post launch
as a monthly $47 monthly lite / $97 monthly premium for those who decide to buy at a later time.
This strategy will become highly popular over next couple years.
It is 100% newbie friendly, and the markets have endless possbilities.
For today and a limited time only…
I AM OFFERING BONUSES – otherwise you will lose out on lifetime access and my bonuses forever.
you will miss out on lifetime access to a bridge marketing product that can be explained later and will never have lifetime access again, and you will miss out on 2 $497 tickets to a product launch mastermind that will be held in Vegas by Chris Record and our office team.
I’d encourage you to take a leap of faith, and buy this product right now as you will NEED it now and later.
newbie or advanced, this is your breakthrough.
I can teach you how to take advantage of it…
click this link and get started right now:
P.S. Don’t get left behind, bookmark this post if you are someone who doesn’t take massive action or produce big results as a result of always playing the not taking action game.
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