No one telling you how to make sales in network marketing on a daily basis?

When most people make the professional transition into some type of direct sales or MLM model, they struggle with acquiring basic customers or even recruiting new reps. Success in this type of industry means showing up as a top producer by simply creating sales and teaching a team how to make sales. In this article, I want to teach you how to make sales in network marketing even as soon as by the end of today!

How to Make Sales in Network Marketing

how to make sales in network marketing

how to make sales in network marketing

When I first got started in the profession of network marketing…

I was taught some very silly methods to build my business. In my first 48 hours, I was forced to schedule a home meeting where the goal was to invite 25-100 people from my warm market list to show up to my house.

I called friends and family that I hadn’t talked to in years, former soccer coaches, friends of friends, and anyone else who had a pulse and would answer my phone call at the time.

After sponsoring a few team members, I literally burnt out my list almost immediately. After asking how to make sales in network marketing after you talked to everyone you know, I was told to either use a memory jogger or simply start wandering around in shopping malls. They told me, it really doesn’t matter as long as I was talking to people about my business on a daily basis.

I started running craigslist ads, printing flyers, road signs, sticky notes, and other strategies that don’t work well.

On top of that, I was never introduced to a good sales funnel process – if somehow I got someone to a weekly hotel meeting, and they didn’t sign up on the spot… I would lose the sale just about 100% of the time. I never knew what a good follow-up strategy was.

Can you relate to any of this nonsense?

How to Make Sales in Network Marketing the Smart Way

With all of the silly ineffective strategies use to build a network marketing business, it’s probably not a secret anymore the reason why most average people look at the profession sideways – because it seems like fanatical people who are spending money, not getting any big results.

Would you agree?

Seriously, let’s be honest for just a second – most people fail and don’t live their dreams.

…and the TRUTH is… it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to create a new future.

Sometimes, you have to go against what your sponsor teaches because of ONE of two reasons:

#1 – Your sponsor may not actually be producing results, and they are telling you to do something that really isn’t even working for them. This is also known as a case of the blind leading the blind.

#2 – Your sponsor may be someone who has a very large team, and they are trying to teach you something that will only work well enough for you to replace yourself before you quit.

^This one is a shocker…

If about 90% of a team quits every 30-90 days, how does a team leader keep a team of 1000’s around?

Well if they teach 10 people the secret to producing 100 sales each, they might have a team of the same amount after a couple months – no growth.

However, if you teach every person on your team a simple enough strategy to replace themselves before they quit… your team doesn’t just stay the same after a couple months – it will actually grow at a steady pace with over 90% of your organization as new members. That’s a crazy concept!

What if I told you there was a smarter way on how to make sales in network marketing?

Would you decide to take action now?

How to Make Sales in Network Marketing Starting Today!

Have you ever thought about building or marketing a MLM business on the internet?

Before you let your sponsors tell you that you can’t duplicate or build relationships on the internet… think about the results that you are producing right now. You might even search for all of the many top leaders in your organization who are telling you to do home meetings, while they are recruiting and getting one or two customer sales a day on autopilot using the internet.

Here’s what I’ll say, leveraging the internet can be one of your best assets ever as you can see proof from the post that you are reading right now. You can literally do the work once, and have your internet work continue bringing you new prospects and customers every day – even in your sleep. As you discover the best way on how to make sales in network marketing, you might want to start branding yourself online starting today!

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