Have you ever thought about launching your own products?

Whether it be to capitalize on a rising trends such as the rise of “periscope” so that you can provide PREMIUM training instead of sharing everything for free? …or maybe you want to partner with a software developer to launch some really cool software or browser extensions that make marketing a bit more time effective?
…or maybe you are a “Network Marketer” who wants to leverage a free or paid membership coaching platform to indirectly sell your opportunity and ANY various affiliate programs you personally use?
In the online affiliate marketplace, most loyal entrepreneurs love what they do and have a strong passion that wakes them up every morning. it’s beautiful feeling to experience, and witness among people with a dream.
the truth is though…
and the sad reality is…
that most people who keep going, looking for the answer, continuing to drag their knees across the broken glass living to fight another day – seem to keep falling short for whatever reason that may be.
Especially in network marketing, you’ll see people who are loved and respected everywhere… but have a silent issue with struggling to recruit and sell with ease.
training after training… a realization hits – If you ever want to break the mold and begin producing bigger results than you ever have before…
you understand one thing – YOU MUST PROVIDE “UNIQUE” VALUE!
possible issues:
1. You may continue to robotically rely on a company system believing that being duplicable is the key, and that you must limit your true self so that you can meet everyone else at what you believe in a “reachable” lever for them instead of lifting them up into a more powerful version of themselves
2. you may believe it’s technically not simple, not inexpensive to set up, or you believe that you have not produced enough results or gone through enough training to produce your own products, membership sites, or mastermind communities
3. You may not have considered the 10x mindset of taking massive action, testing yourself to see how much you can get done in the fastest time possible, also not realizing the money is energy, and energy LOVES speed.
…or maybe you just were never taught how SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE it could be to plant your flag, make a strong statement of what you are about, and become the leader that others are depending on you to be.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that other people may offer the same types of products and services as you. Especially when it comes to the internet marketing profession, there are literally thousands, and tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of affiliates in some cases that are directly promoting the same thing you are – not to mention those with competing products.
*So why should someone work with or buy from YOU, specifically?
CRACK THE CODE… and you’ll see more sales… with less effort…
From my experience, here’s what I can tell you…
A membership site and personal product is the fastest and easiest way to rise above the noise and attract new partnerships and clients. The credibility you gain, and trust you earn can mean more abundance for you and the people around you.
for network marketers, imagine doing a series of short 2-3 minute videos explaining how you set up your social media accounts, autoresponders, hosting accounts, blogs, automated tools, etc…
indirectly selling various those affiliate products, and indirectly selling on why someone should work with you in your primary business.
(and each video module was SEO optimized ready to be found in search engines like Google and Bing – without “writing” a single blog post)
that’s just ONE of many ideas
…for leveraging a membership site to recruit and sell with ease.
Not to mention – sometimes it’s way easier to sell your own products than it is to sell the same thing everyone else is selling. It’s drastically different!
one of which will include an invite to a vegas event that I will be attending in July where you will discover how to create and leverage your own products from a “branding and selling” standpoint – and a massive income boost so that you can literally invest back into your primary business marketing.
I’m going to be putting some bonus training together on leverage membership sites, so that you can immediately start selling and recruiting more.
Not only that, but you will gain access to some time saving, results producing software that my buddy Chris Record and his development team have put together – giving you the ability to set everything up in minutes.
this concept, strategy, and software will be one of the most talked about breakthroughs finishing out 2015 and moving into 2016. It’s that important!
The launch will be happening in a few days, but if you wait to purchase through my recommended link, you will also gain access to multiple bonuses I am putting together INCLUDING rare access to me – *helping you set everything up.
*exact details will be released in a few days
(I’ve actually been using this software for a few months now, and I can help you move even quicker if you follow a very simple blueprint)
If you have been following me for awhile, you know I always meet expectations and over deliver to the best of my ability. With this software, I can finally show you how to absolutely kill it in the search engines and build a highly targeted community of “repeat” buyers.
Be prepared to hangout in Vegas
and be prepared to step up into your next transformation! :)
~Brian Cain

p.s. I look forward to helping you earn some extra commissions with what you are currently doing, and become a staple in the marketplace!

NOTE: connect with me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/Cainb2011 and I’ll hook you up with how to get access to the membership software and bonus offer I will be releasing here shortly…

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