Want to see the Empower Network Dream Team in action?

As of writing this article, we currently have 3 people who are/were on the EN leaderboards at the #1 and #2 spots for total signups in last 7 days. Additionally we have a member who already has over 300+ posts on our new blog with many of them ranked on Google due to this ninja technique most people have no idea about!

If you tune to this webinar recording, the Empower Network Dream Team will expose their well-kept secrets for producing really big numbers.

EN Dream Team Domination Webinar

(This was directly from the LIVE video feed back on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014)

Here’s a quick background on your speakers for this webinar:

Tracey Walker – Tracey was a former real estate professional that had experienced two personal bankruptcies, living in a home that was actively in foreclosure, and hid cars in the garage to prolong the inevitable repossession. Today, she has gone on to earn over a million dollars in commissions with this company – (results not typical: see average earnings here)

Adrian Hines & Vanessa Ricks: They are the power couple who recently got engaged. Adrian was a cell phone kiosk rep who successfully quit his job and went full time in this business. Vanessa is a business consultant who has been able to successfully transition to this profession and start making some major waves.

Paul Gardiner & Kimberly Denise – These two individuals have been exposed to home business in the past. Paul was even thrown in a mental institution by his family because they thought he was crazy for wanting to become a huge success. Kimberly was a mother in the corporate world who had to make an “all or nothing” decision to go for it. Together, they have recruited over 450 personal team members in the front line of their organization, and they regularly are ranked top 10 on the EN leaderboards for total signups.

Angela Carter – Angela is a former legal professional that has recently caught some major momentum in her home business. She had been able to generate a significant income working from home and has also been ranked on the top 10 of the EN leaderboards as well.

Proof of Dream Team on Leaderboards

Angela Carter, Paul Gardiner, and Kimberly Denise on Leaderboards

Angela Carter, Paul Gardiner, and Kimberly Denise on Leaderboards

(Notice how Empower Network Dream Team has the #1 and #2 spots!)

Brian Cain – I will also be speaking as well. I was a former legal admin assistant that was looking for a better way. I’ve now been working full time from home for the past few years, and recently I stumbled across a secret ninja tip that could have saved many businesses over the past year. That well kept secret will be revealed LIVE on this webinar tonight – be there!

I rarely promote products, but this one you need!

If you don’t take my word for it, pay attention to this webinar and you’ll understand how this one tool can either make or break your success in any home business.


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