Before I share with you the status regarding my affiliation with Empower Network and the Dream Team Leadership Council (DTLC)…

I just want to welcome you to this blog post, as well as myself, since it’s been a few months from the last time I actually wrote a blog post here on the new EN Kalatu platform. If you are reading this post right now, it’s most likely because you have been aware that I haven’t been active in the Empower Network community, sent out any e-mails to my list, replied to any messages, or posted anything on Facebook™ in  general. Over the course of the next few minutes, I want to share with you what’s been going on in my life, business, as well as invite you to a conference call that I will be holding on Wednesday, May 20th 9pm EST to share how I can help you recruit more and sell more into whatever you may be promoting right now.

While this post, may be “just an update”… My goal is and always has been to serve with the most value possible!

So I’ll do my best to intertwine a dose of free training throughout this post.

Just in case you are meeting me for the first time, I’ll share a quick 10 second back story although this information may not be as relevant to you. However, what will be important to you is how I can help you recruit more and sell more in less time over the course of the next 60 days or so. I’ve got some new marketing tricks ready to go, some really sweet software tools that will help you focus on the real income producing activities, and secret blog promotion tips that EVERY blogger needs to implement – even if they are doing “free” strategies!

First and Foremost, my name is Brian Cain. I reside in Northern California, and I have been marketing online since April 2011 (although activity didn’t really pick up for me until around May 2012). Prior to marketing on the internet, I was a frustrated college drop out working at a legal office as a legal administrative assistant –  loyally for 3 years. Up until this point in my life, struggle was all I had known. From going motel to motel, friend’s house to friend’s house because the only place we had to call home was a car that was ready to be repossessed, and consistently experiencing all of the relationships around me fall apart with lack of money as the core issue.

After the workload at the legal office began to get slower, the attorney wanted to hire someone cheaper letting me go in the process.

From there, I moved on to telemarketing to get some sales skill sets because I could barely put two sentences together that made sense, yet I knew being in business for myself was my only real out.

Shockingly, I set the same amount of next day appointments as the #1 producer at the time… on my FIRST day! Within my first 80 days, I went on to write my own sales scripts becoming the #1 producer earning me an “impact player of the month” award. It was at this point, I knew if I was willing to continue learning and producing for myself… I could create a significant lifestyle most other people could only wish for. So I randomly QUIT that telemarketing gig, went on a “Harold and Kumar” type of Road trip to the east coast with a few hours of planning the same day, came back and started producing bigger numbers in my internet marketing business for the first time ever.

3 years later…

Brian Cain Default Pic

I’ve been able to experience making money in my sleep, temporarily moving outside of California on a whim, traveling to places like 5 star resorts in Montego Bay, Jamaica, hanging out with million dollar earners like my big sis Tracey Walker, or highly talented individuals like one of my best friends – Tom the Furry Hat Guy. I’ve had the privilege to work with directly with superstar individuals in the home based business community like Caity Hunt, Ryan and Brook Maddings, and even the late Marc Whitting. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded with high caliber, smart firecracker individuals on our teams and around our circle of influence (too many names to even start listing, so I’ll spare you your index finger for the scrolling you would have to do).

I’ve had a chance to get personal stage recognition for earning multiple tens of thousands of dollars online, serve on a team council leading thousands (if not tens of thousands) of members in the community, and sponsor multiple team members into my online businesses who’ve even made more than me.

In my time online… I always have done my best to under-promise and over-deliver. I’ve probably given out more PAID trainings for free than any other obviously smart marketer would have done, and I have done my best to be as transparent as possible – even for someone who has a reserved personality type.

Additionally, when I am given advice from people that I look up to and trust, I run with it – LIKE CRAZY!!!

Like the time, I put over 300+ blog posts on to a blogging platform that had only been around for Beta Testers for less than 24 hours. Keep in mind there was no import, or export feature.

Or the time, I shot and uploaded 340+ YouTube videos in less than 48 hours gaining first page rankings for hundreds of keywords overnight – only for flagging haters to shut down my account within 3 days.

I might just be one of the most persistent people that you will encounter.

(even if the advice is not so great)


I’ll get to that in a moment – because the reason may not be what you think!

So now that you have a surface level idea of who I am, and why you should listen… let’s get started!

By now,

You should know… I’m not short on words.

However, you should know… I’ll teach you what you need to know.

Empower Network DTLC (The Core)

Empower Network Dream Team Core

If you are wondering where Brian Cain (or even Nicole S. Cooper) has been in the promotions or group activity for the EMPOWER NETWORK DREAM TEAM…

Yes, it is true, we have stepped down the Dream Team Leadership Council which is now known as “the core.”

While I can’t speak for Nicole S. Cooper, although I’m sure she feels the same way, I can simply say that Tracey Walker and the rest of the DTLC group have been key elements to my growth and personal transformation over the past few years. If it wasn’t for Tracey Walker, Adrian Hines, Apple Daniels, Shalonda Gordon, Carlton Riddick, Roger Silvera, Bruce Bryant Felton, Nicole S. Cooper, Cheryl Washington, and Buihe Madu… I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am today – without a question.

Then and now, they are still powerhouses in the industry and are some of the best leaders to follow and work with. In fact, they have restructured as “the core,” eliminated the foundational daily Mid-day motivational calls, and brought on another superstar leader – Kimberly Denise! It’s an exciting time for the Empower Network Dream Team community!

There is no “but” or words that can signify otherwise… it’s just time for me personally to part from leadership.

So you might now be wondering, am I even still affiliated of Empower Network?

Empower Network Affiliation

There are some areas of the company that I am not in alignment with – honestly.

Being that LOYAL ANALYTCIAL GREEN/RED type of personality who is also results driven… I will figuratively watch the end of the movie for the result in a case like this, and know that all obstacles in between will work themselves out no matter how off the wall they may be. Hey, that’s what makes the movie good anyways. right?

Well this time…

I’m just not quite sure if it will happen, or if it does – when (5 years from now?)…

As you are most likely aware if you have been around the Empower Network community, the general vibe overall has been on a major downswing – even with a recent rising overall front-end sales volume.

Empower Network Nashville

-The events that used to have 2,000, 3,000, and even 5,000 people in attendance has dropped significantly to events with less than 1,000 members – hence the need for tables to give the illusion that more people are in the room.

-products and services that were due for release fall of last year, are still being promoted as almost finished and ready to go “next week” every week for the past 6+ months and still aren’t out yet. (next big update is going to be May 22nd, I’m crossing my fingers that this one is on time).

-The market Empower Network attracts is mainly other home based business owners who want to discover how to generate more leads online, produce more, build bigger teams, and have a more meaningful influence over a larger group of people. Most people in this market already have a primarily business, product, or service that they are selling. In the past, Empower Network used to welcome these individuals and give them exposure (maybe not stage time) and lift them up too, currently since Empower Network has taken on more of a traditional network marketing classification… they automatically shun and make fun of these types of paid members to prevent potential cross-recruiting. Initially I was taught, if you give someone freedom… their choice to be loyal will be more powerful than anything that you can force.

-Empower Network has had major financial issues with it being a 100% commissionable model. I think was pretty cool how badass David Wood is in his ability to produce and keep the company afloat with his own production! What other company owner can actually do that. None the less, dropping down to 70% commissions was a GREAT move… but left a huge dent in the ability to re-build quickly.


-Product quality is going down hill in my opinion, in fact… the Inner Circle audios have recently had over 15+ audios from the “power couple” to fill the gaps. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some “power couple,” but it’s tough to keep clients subscribed on a $100 a month product on something that is just thrown together. There used to be a time where you weren’t allowed on Monday Night calls or the Inner Circle unless you were consistently producing $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000+ per month – Yeah, I know because I’ve listened to them all (even the new ones and most at least twice).

-While I love the Mass Influence Formula. I even attended as a VIP member live for the training where my ticket cost $500 plus travel, I’m not quite sure I would have loved it as much if I has to fork over $3,500 for the replays of the “edited” product. The Master’s Retreat product was well worth it (people paid over $5,000 plus travel to attend LIVE) – Mass Influence Formula, not so much (in my opinion). I thought Dave Wood absolutely killed it on stage, and broke down some killer concepts… however… it seems many of the fun parts were left out of the replays of the product (where there are some serious open loops at the end of each video module), not to mention there are only 8 modules of really condensed down content. Good move on the All-EN library!

-It used to be a big deal if you could get on an Empower Network leaderboard due to type of leaders and competition Empower Network was attracting. Now if you get 2 sales in a single day, welcome to the leaderboard! …or if you get 10 leads in a single day, welcome to the leaderboard!


-refunds rates are at an all time high that aren’t being openly discussed (unless bonuses or coaching are being delivered, of course). This might be because of the trial offers and how they are structured, or it might be because the funnel and upsell sequence literally SELL the client on refunding at EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE PROCESS! “(*in weenie voice* “If you think this will be too hard for you, get a refund now”). It’s like throwing 100 embedded commands to sell a customer on why they should refund. The good: those who don’t are your 3%ers and will generally drive depth in your organization… or just have never logged in to use the information. The bad: like a gym, most money is made from people who buy and do nothing. note: Keep in mind, I didn’t do any promoting during this time…but that’s never happened like that before even when I wasn’t “branding myself.” Hence, it’s not really a part-timers gig anymore.

-This company was built on the sole vision of both David Wood AND David Sharpe, which for certain reasons both announced and unannounced… is no longer the case. While we still have David Wood, he is still more of just the affiliate with “some” influence over the vision at the end of the day.

Brian Cain Empower Network Craigslist Ad

-one piece of the vision that was dropped in 2013 which in my opinion was the SOLE RESULT of someone like former #1 incomer earner in Empower Network who was consistently producing over $100,000 per month, then had a session on stage where he announced he dropped to a $12,000 month – with many top leaders experiencing the same trend. This dropped concept is important so I’m going to make this a whole section by itself…

Why BLOGGING DAILY used to be Good Advice…


There was ONE CONCEPT in Empower Network that caused me to go ALL-EN with the vision. Unlike others, it wasn’t 100% commissions.

It was the ability to gain massive leverage and traffic from the system. Each time you post a blog post on the internet, it’s like a digital flyer that never goes away!

When Empower Network first started, there was a feature where if a team member quit and went inactive… the LEADS WOULD ROLL UP TO THE NEXT ACTIVE AFFILIATE! So for instance, if you had a team member who was a grandma and blogged about something other marketers wouldn’t – like kittens or knitting to the point of getting one lead a day on accident because there isn’t any competition in a niche like that… if that grandma quit, well that lead a day from her EN capture page would roll up to the next active affiliate.

If you had 20 people like that who quit…

guess who is getting 20 leads a day before you start marketing? Make sense?

Not to mention the leaders with much bigger teams who have tons of people who still have blogs out there in EN who are getting leads but they aren’t being followed up with. Even if they aren’t targeted, it doesn’t take a whole lot when they are being followed up with a leader who stretches what is humanly possible for them and being able to profit from their passion. This ONE CONCEPT built the foundation of blogging daily and how blogging was the traffic secret, to the point where Empower Network used to be in the top 300 sites on the internet globally as judged by Alexa.

It was highly beneficial to blog daily because you would lead by example. When you are getting leveraged leads to this caliber, it’s highly lucrative to blog daily so that your team follows suit. Imagine 100 people blogging daily on your team because they are following your example… 100 people x 30 days in 3,000 new posts that will generate leads for your team… or YOU if they quit!

Now, since there is no real leverage from blogging…

It’s now just turned into “busy work” and not an “income producing activity.”

So now you have a community of members who are just putting up blog posts as “busy work” rather than promoting a sales funnel and getting 1 or 2 sales a day.

How it Generally goes:

People will spend 2 HOURS a day creating a blog post (yeah, I’m guilty)

yet, people will spend 5 minute promoting it.


Spend 5 minutes creating a blog post (notice, not even per day)

and spend 2 HOURS promoting it daily!


The TRUTH is, that I freaking love the new Kalatu platform… but I still feel way abandoned about the lost leverage.

Empower Network’s Current Priority


Empower Network is focused in maximizing conversions on front-end sales and back-end sales as if they are an affiliate product launch deal – not a network marketing company. That’s what I believe the corporate guys over at Empower Network aren’t getting, because they really aren’t network marketing guys. They don’t have the pounding friends and family horror stories, spending the late nights in 24 hour Wal-Marts prospecting strangers in a suit and tie, or keeping teams of people around for long periods of time even when they aren’t making money.

The FACT is that front-end conversions are better than they have ever been in Empower Network since the beginning.

That should be a huge red flag, that great front-end conversions isn’t the issue at hand.

It’s the organic VIRAL growth from the blog that kept Empower Network alive – even with an ugly blog theme. There is something that happens when that much traffic and leads get condensed into rolling up to the leaders – raising the tides and willingness for new members to spend money to find out the “secrets.”

In my opinion, that is the success of Empower Network.

That would take Justin and D Verrengia to $250,000+ per month!

That would take Lawrence Tam to $200,000 per month+

That would take Tracey Walker to her first $150,000+ per month!

That would take the Empower Network “Middle class” back up to $5,000-$30,000+ per month!

That should be the priority… fix the feature where leads generated from inactive empower network affiliates to empower network capture pages rolls up to the next active affiliate. If customers of the Viral Blogging System aren’t active anymore… it should automatically be rolled over to the WordPress based platform so that it can be properly indexed, and all banner links should be redirected to EN affiliate capture pages.

As we found out in this presentation I co-hosted on Dream Team Domination, The ENV2 system was only flawed because nothing was getting indexed. For instance, Tracey Walker had over 800 posts where only 190 posts were indexed. Roger Silvera had over 500 blog posts, and only 90 of them were indexed. The list goes on, but imagine for the new members first getting started… close to nothing indexed!

It should be mandatory that all old ENV2 blog get transeferred over by a certain date, before it is done automatically.

At this point in time, I’m NOT going to promote Empower Network with any hard push until this feature is BACK in place.

However, I will be leaning on the shoulders of my Dream Team family to continue proving value and massive to customer support to those who choose to partner with me in Empower Network until then. Y’all already know, I like to under-promise and over-deliver. Who knows, I may be in Vegas too… I guess you will have to attend to find out :)

Base Income Vs. Risk Income

I first started having multiple 4 figure days online in my early 20’s.

I can’t even express the feeling that you get when you are waking up in the morning, grab your phone, and refresh your e-mail to see something like, “Congratulations, You’ve earned a $3,000 commission!”

(please view the EN income disclosure so I don’t get ANOTHER compliance e-mail – I’m tired of giving hugs lol)

Not to mention, the ability to freely travel the world without working at a 9-5 because it’s possible to have time and money together.

It’s almost impossible to pass up without fighting your own ego.


You see, while the income is nice… it’s easy to forget about the expenses or the REAL TIME it took to close the high ticket sale – if you don’t have a great personal process.

Even if you have a $10k month… you usually might have some of these expenses:

-Cell Phone
-Business overhead (product and affiliate subscriptions)
-Advertising and Marketing expenses (tools, PPC, etc.)
-Kids (dependents)
-Seminars (tickets and flights)
-Masterminds & Coaching

That’s if you are good at money management, not to mention if you are the type who puts lots of random purchases on credit cards and it snowballs into an issue later.

Most people can’t really even live off $10,000 a month…

THEN.. you realize you keep spinning your wheels because you have to choose between SCALING your profitable business, or keeping the lights on. Make sense?

For the people that believe that they can, well that might be why where you are at right now. Trust me, I’ve been there too! In fact, I used to be the guy that used to literally make fun of people with 9-5’s. I guess that is the MLM background in me at it’s finest, hehehe!

The truth is that you should have a “consistent” base income that takes care of all of your living and business overhead.

This allows you to build a business with less time on your hands, so that you MUST focus on “income producing activities.” It also allows you to to SCALE your business the way it deserves to be scaled. Since all of your living expenses should be taken care of with a base income (which might be a 9-5 – doesn’t have to be), you should be reinvesting 100% of your profits back into scaling quickly!

This was a hard lesson learned for me.

Because there were times that I would choose between eating and spending money on advertising. It was an unhealthy situation for me.

At one point, desperation to save my once-working business in a not so great mindset let to me spending multiple $10,000’s on losing campaigns. lesson learned!

…One time at the gym with Tom the Furry Hat Guy when we were roomies Kansas… I blacked out, woke up in black & white, couldn’t stand up even when I tried, ambulance was called, and I refused to go into the ambulance because I figured the money could better be spent on scaling my business at the time… not to mention I didn’t have health insurance.

It didn’t help when I got in my motorcycle accident with no brakes involved from a head on collision with a mini SUV that my short hospital trip was over $25,000. So what’s better $25,000 in more hospital bills, or $25,000 in a high converting Facebook™ PPC campaign?

While my ego kept me from returning to a job, because of the lifestyle I had started to taste…

an opportunity came up to work more closely with the person who literally built the blog platform that I am communicating to you on right now…

A Longer Week In the Office with Chris Record


I was in the right place, at the right time – period.

Within a short period of time of spending time in the office… I witnessed Chris Record pull off an $800,000 launch week and over $1,000,000 in sales revenue in 30 days… Win 1st place in 3 different JVzoo affiliate competitions earning over $80,000 in cash bonuses alone within 31 days… open up a second completely new office for his development team and move in only couple days after the idea surfaced… and how talented some of the team members are from the JVzoo manager who has got some freaking mad design and programming skills, to our video guy who shoots move theater quality cinematic videos with incredible SPEED editing skills.

I’ve also learned quite a bit when it comes to TRAFFIC!

While most people are discussing 2 sales a day, I’ve seen Chris 10x LIFE and generate 200+ sales in a day! I knew Chris didn’t actually sleep, but I thought that was something he just said in his marketing. This guy never actually sleeps, unless you count that 1 or 2 hours that he might fit in during his downtime when he’s not promoting and the kids aren’t awake.

Here’s why I am sharing this information…

I’ve got some INSIDER secrets that could potentially create your next business and personal breakthrough.

How much would you be willing to invest if you knew that you could flip your business into a $10,000-$30,000-$100,000+ income stream?

They say to buy a franchise… it is usually priced about 5 times what you would make on a yearly basis.

So would it be worth investing a $1,000,000 to access your dream income? What about $300,000? $100,000?

For me, it was priceless.

So I took advantage of the highly limited offer that was on the table.

The Short Version of My Personal Transformation

First let me share with you that over the past few months, I’ve been able to regain my health. Whether it was a version of depression, or skipping meals to work late nights… I lost some serious weight. Around October or December, I was 155lbs AT MOST when a year and a half prior I was around 180lbs. I’m back at 170 right now with more muscle than before.

I started playing pick up soccer games again, and renewed my referee license. I started going to the gym more seriously, now I’m eating healthier, and spending more time with friends. I’ve cut off my time spent on Facebook™ and deleted the mobile app so that I could live in the real world, instead of feeling my phone buzz every 2 seconds. I’ve gotten way more sushi time in, and have been able to dive into more personal development with a more clear mind.

I’ve gained access to some ninja promotion tips, but more about that another time…

How this DIRECTLY affects You…

DPP 2.0 stats and IMB office

While I’m not suggesting that you can message me in regards to Chris Record’s HIGH TICKET small group, hands on mastermind information, I am here to let you know that JUNE is going to be the month that you will have the chance to get access to my training that I will be doing.

(You can visit his post though on Facebook™ right here: – when you fill out the application, just mention in the application that you also had a recommendation directly from Brian Cain for a higher chance at acceptance into the program)

To answer your burning question… am I joining another network marketing company?

The answer is a strict no, because I believe in Empower Network too much. Even with some flaws, like every company has, I personally believe it is the best network marketing company in existence right now. The leadership is second-to-none.

However, I will be offering some tools that will make your life so much more manageable when it comes to content creation. This will go LIVE on June 1st!

Don’t worry, it’s nothing expensive… so it’s not going to be a big decision that you’ll have to make with your credit card. The only thing that you will be buying is access to my additional hands on group training which I have gotten many requests for again, a tool for your browser that will have you knocking out valuable blog post within minutes, and some killer ideas that will help you realize how simple the TRAFFIC game really is. Here is a hint: if you are not using Facebook™ paid traffic AND you are a blogger… you might as well hang up the professional blogger status, because your competition is literally leaving you in the dust.

To my knowledge, you won’t get access to what I will deliver unless you purchase through one of my links once it goes LIVE!

Once you see the price point, you’ll understand that I’m not here to see how much money I can make… I am here to PROVE to you that I under-promise and over-deliver! I have and always will be here for you. Sometimes, you just have to hear from someone that was just where you were at, and can relate specifically to you. My goal is to help you multiply your traffic and leads in less time, so that you can have your life back.

Selling and recruiting is EASY once you understand how it is done.

You are ONE idea from hitting your dream income…

Chris Record has once told me that I will pass on to you… “Wisdom comes from one of two places – Mistakes, or Mentors.

How much longer do you want to stumble and fumble saving money to seek the secret, rather than master the fast track to your specific goals with a mentor on your side?

Now is YOUR TIME to create success…

If you were like me, it’s been too dang long…

Wouldn’t you agree?


For one day only, I’ll be holding a short, yet impactful conference call.

My goal on this call is simply to give you the opportunity to hear this information from me personally. I also want to slip in some free training and help you spark some ideas that you can start implementing even during the call. Trust me, this one tip will triple your returning visitors without spending any more time than you do right now!

This call will happen on Wednesday, May 20th 9pm EST

Here are the call details:

(530) 881-1300
ACCESS: 349244#

…if you choose to show up on the line early, I may pop on and answer some questions that you may have…

In case, you forget – make sure to write the details down and subscribe to my list via e-mail to get a REMINDER about the call. Trust me, it’s one of the ones you don’t want to miss if you are curious about selling and recruiting more in your current business. I’ll make sure you walk away with at least one thing you can implement even while on the call. I’m here to serve, and show you that you want to work closely with me over next 60 days!

P.S. INBOX me on Facebook to let me know that you’ll hop on, and we can spend a few minutes catching up!

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