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Did Brian Cain Step Down From DTLC in Empower Network?

Before I share with you the status regarding my affiliation with Empower Network and the Dream Team Leadership Council (DTLC)…

I just want to welcome you to this blog post, as well as myself, since it’s been a few months from the last time I actually wrote a blog post here on the new EN Kalatu platform. If you are reading this post right now, it’s most likely because you have been aware that I haven’t been active in the Empower Network community, sent out any e-mails to my list, replied to any messages, or posted anything on Facebook™ in general.

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How to Make Sales in Network Marketing Starting Today!

No one telling you how to make sales in network marketing on a daily basis?

When most people make the professional transition into some type of direct sales or MLM model, they struggle with acquiring basic customers or even recruiting new reps. Success in this type of industry means showing up as a top producer by simply creating sales and teaching a team how to make sales.

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The Leadership Factory Disguised as a Business Opportunity!

Have you ever seen a leadership factory in the corporate world?

The traditional job world seems to beat down people in order to make them submissive to a cookie cutter pattern of action. While there are some people who take manager types of roles, you’ll generally see them shockingly beat down others so that they can maintain their own job security.

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How I Applied the 10x Rule into My Internet Business!

Curious as how to use the 10x rule for your own personal life?

The chances are that your daily habits are probably producing the current results you are getting in life. When you understand this, you’ll find it is possible to stretch the limits of what is possible by challenging your own limits.

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Why Retirement is a Myth for MOST People!

Those who don’t believe retirement is a myth may get scammed by the government!

When you are first exposed to the idea that working for 40 years in the traditional system is completely idiotic, your mind may initially fight the idea out of ego. It’s not always easy accepting the foreign concept, especially after being trained through schooling and culture that finding a good paying job is the cure for all of your problems.

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Wondering What Will I Look like in 10 Years?

You might be asking yourself – what will I look like in 10 years?

We’re probably not just talking about your physical image either. In fact most people who ask this question want to know if they will become a more successful and impactful person overall in the near future.

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How to Work Hard and Play Hard using the Internet

Wondering what it takes to work hard and play hard leveraging the internet?

At most traditional corporate jobs, you’ll find that most people are literally indentured servants to what they do. Generally people have either lots of money or lots of time (some neither at all), yet they can never seem to have both together.

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