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How to make money with a Periscope Marketing Strategy in 2015!

Have you ever thought about launching your own products? Whether it be to capitalize on a rising trends such as the rise of “periscope” so that you can provide PREMIUM training instead of sharing everything for free? …or maybe you want to partner with a software developer to launch some really cool software or browser […]

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Did Brian Cain Step Down From DTLC in Empower Network?

Before I share with you the status regarding my affiliation with Empower Network and the Dream Team Leadership Council (DTLC)…

I just want to welcome you to this blog post, as well as myself, since it’s been a few months from the last time I actually wrote a blog post here on the new EN Kalatu platform. If you are reading this post right now, it’s most likely because you have been aware that I haven’t been active in the Empower Network community, sent out any e-mails to my list, replied to any messages, or posted anything on Facebook™ in general.

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Wondering What Will I Look like in 10 Years?

You might be asking yourself – what will I look like in 10 years?

We’re probably not just talking about your physical image either. In fact most people who ask this question want to know if they will become a more successful and impactful person overall in the near future.

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2 Common Disempowering Mind Viruses Quotes

Have you ever heard Mind Viruses from people you know?

The government and mainstream media are really good a installing destructive habits to the average person. Just take a look at the lyrics to almost any songs on the radio, hear the negative news, and feel the monstrosity behaviors happening right on your home television.

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3 Helpful SEO Analysis Tools

Wondering what SEO analysis tool can help you increase rankings?

When it comes to ranking in the search engines, you’ll want to understand how your site compares to other listings for a specific keyword. There are websites out there that can help you get more information so that you can gain a strategic advantage.

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Important Lessons I Discovered Starting Out in Business

Are you just starting out in business and looking for the secret?

Like pretty much anything new, it takes going through a learning curve to become a master of a specific craft. Life as a new entrepreneur can be exciting yet tough simply because it is a different world overall if you are not used to it.

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How Roger Silvera Has Elevated My Life

Researching Roger Silvera and his value in the marketplace?

If you, like me, probably met or heard of this awesome individual and might be wondering if he is the real deal or not the real deal. In the marketplace (esp in Empower Network) he is known as an exceptional financial professional and a solid digital marketer.

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2 Hacks That Can Save Time on Social Media

Looking to save time on social media starting now?

It’s no secret that playing on these social platforms can be fun, addictive, and really time consuming if you are not careful. Especially when it comes to building a profitable business on the internet, you want to be protect your time as much as possible.

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