…implementing this content may just make you rich…

One Superstar Made 1.1 Million in his first 72 Days!

(…These results are not even close to typical, refer to the income disclosure)

This video explains ‘the numbers’ on how to hit $100,000.

…As you watch this full video, keep the number 22 fresh in your mind…

Obviously, not everyone wants to earn their first $100,000 in their home business, but for those who do… continue to pay close attention as this is the simplest breakdown you will ever get with any affiliate compensation plan.

Yes, for just a moment, we are only talking to those who want to become affiliates.

So if you have your own company and opportunity that you would like to promote as just a customer, this video may not be for you. However, if you are willing to set the ego aside for just a few minutes, I’ll tell it to you straight.

As affiliates with our company…

We Sell 5 CORE products (not going into details, just trust me that they are all freaking valuable and I wouldn’t be here putting my reputation on the line if they weren’t):

-A $25 product (re-occurring customer payment)

-A $100 product (re-occurring customer payment)

-A $500 product (one-time customer payment)

-A $1000 product (one-time customer payment)

-A $3500 product (one-time customer payment)

As an affiliate,

You have the ability to earn 100% COMMISSIONS on what you re-sell!

(The $3,500 product is the only one that isn’t 100%, but is still a $3,000 Day)

This means that ONE FULL SALE is $4,625 in commissions per customer.

Remember that number 22 I told you to keep in your mind?

Check this out…

It LITERALLY Takes 22 FULL SALES where you receive the commissions to make $100,000 from personal production. This is not even counting leverage from your team!

Dream Team ALL EN Group in Chicago

Amazing huh?

That’s about as simple as it gets.

THINK ABOUT IT! If you are a leader or someone who just wants to make the BIG MONEY quickly, you only have to get 22 full sales where you get the commission if you want to quickly earn $100,000 just by leveraging our affiliate opportunity.

Where else do they do that at?

LISTEN! (final call to action)

Hit one of the links below and JUST GET STARTED with the Dream Team!

you may either:

1. Watch the full presentation
(Yes, it explains everything and is hilarious to watch)



(I will then give you access to our personal team, community, and kick ass resources)

See you on the inside my friend.




Keep it Real,


Brian Cain

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