Who is Brian Cain, you ask?

If you have heard this guy’s name or seen him around, you may or may not know that this is someone that you should be following very closely.

Before we share the background of Brian Cain, his story, and how he can help you make money online detached from time or just simply live your dreams now instead of never, he asks that you first stop what you are doing and pay attention now as this brief bio will help you have more success faster if personal freedom is what you desire.

Brian Cain before Internet Marketing Success

Brian Cain

Brian Cain

(Brian Cain jumping with joy at the 5 STAR Jamaica Tryall club Resort)

Today, Brian is a young gentleman that literally has been retired from the Corporate World Since May 2012. He enjoys many of the special freedoms that individuals have who successfully make money online as their own boss.

However, life for Mr. Cain wasn’t always so easy.

You see… back when Brian was still in his middle school years, his household was becoming more and more unstable with the passing of his grandmother. This resulted in the single mother who was taking care of Brian at time to lose control of her finances with having to forfeit her job as an insurance underwriter with very short notice.

As the household struggles became more increasingly severe, it came to a point where they were unable to afford a roof over their heads. With giving up a place to live, and unable to afford new housing, Brian’s family had abruptly become homeless.

Over the next 6 months, Brian and his family spent weeks at a time sleeping in a car, hopping from motel to motel, and eventually friend’s house to friend’s house …all to find shelter for the night.

After months of finding help and then being able to get back to a stable household situation, the pain & struggles continued. Paying bills on time seemed impossible, household debt kept increasing by the day, finding food to put on the table was difficult, cars in possession kept getting repossessed, and that wasn’t even the bulk of the list.

As “Brian Cain” grew older, he acquired his first job as a File Clerk/Administrative Assistant which he had loyally kept for over 3 years where he was making $14/hr. Before he was let go due to his employer wanting to downsize on his monthly overhead where Brian found himself at the short end of the stick…

…he had experienced some specific events that would soon change his life forever.

Brian Cain’s Realization

Growing up in a suburb of Sacramento, Ca in a small city called Citrus Heights, Brian thought these types of struggles were normal (as many of his friends and associates had similar struggles of their own).

Dropping out of a community college called ARC (American River College) twice without even finishing a semester, left his options for having any type of middle class to an extraordinary life style seemingly very limited.

One day during the winter season, Brian Cain had a decision to make about his finances. At this point, he had a car (1991 Dodge Dynasty) and a motorcycle (2005 Ninja 250). He had to sell one of his vehicles in order to pay the bills for the month and to make ends meet.

Logically, Brian decided to sell his car over his motorcycle because he knew that he could save more money on gas over the long term. This resulted in Brian driving through the winter storms, over the slick roads, and fighting the gusty winds on a daily basis.

Here’s what happened…

Brian Cain found himself on top of the roof of a car with absolutely no breaks involved in the collision with a mini SUV. Grateful to be alive, he began contemplating how he could have avoided the accident.

From thoughts ranging of what if he had purchased the faster version of his motorcycle that he was looking at in the first place, to selling his motorcycle instead of his car, to even spending more time D-linking his cracked helmet which flew off on impact…

…Brian then understood and realized this:

Because he was broke, he was almost killed

This was the most disturbing concept to discover that he was comfortable living uncomfortably. He now found himself at the peak of what he was willing to accept in his life. It was time to stop living in mediocrity and pick up the performance being open to new ideas and new skill sets that would soon change everything.

Brian Cain’s Blogging Breakthrough

(video of Brian Cain jumping into Ponderosa River in Foresthill, Ca)

After searching for a way to free himself from the corporate world and to be introduced into the world of abundance and unlimited resources, his journey has taken him to the internet.

On the Internet, Brian Cain discovered that average people were quietly extracting massive income streams from the internet with only about an hour to two hours a day worth of work. This completely shocked Brian and at first he didn’t believe it.

He shunned the idea because he thought he had to build his own websites and make his own products, and spend lots of money. He was never a technical person, and he thought that’s what success online took.

Desperate for change, Brian was open to doing something different. So he put his ego aside for the first time as his current way of thinking got him where he was. Only then, he successfully stumbled upon a secret blogging formula that only a small community knew about.

Something weird happened. Brian Cain got focused and started using this method where he blogged every single day like clockwork. Fast forward to today, obviously that method worked like crazy!

Brian Cain hasn’t punched a time clock since May 2012. He has traveled across the world as a part of exercising his freedom. He was able to move out of his mother’s home to a new state supporting himself and his new lifestyle with only money from the internet…

…and here’s the best part…

He’s taught many others how to break free the same way that he has.

Brian Cain Dream Team

Brian Cain and Dream Team

(here are some of his ‘online friends’ having fun)

Can Brian Cain help you too?

That is a question only you can answer.

Brian is widely recognized as a leader in the internet marketing industry and he is internationally known for his focus & consistency.

Here is what Brian Cain can do for you, if you are open…

He can help you get out of ANY circumstance that you find yourself in right now. If you are looking to make money online fast to do things like get out of foreclosure, pay off debt, retire yourself from the corporate world within months, spend more time with your kids, or leave a family legacy all through the same methods Brian used to set himself free, you may choose to click this link and enter in your e-mail now.

*Also, If you have a current network marketing business, affiliate marketing business, online business, or a traditional business, these same methods that Brian Cain uses will help you understand how to sell products instantly, or even build a team of people who sell products for you without chasing prospects or leaving your house.

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